Load iCloud data without Apple ID: Password Breaker

on Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Russian company Elcomsoft has released a new version of the Phone Password Breaker, which can tap iCloud data without Apple ID for the first time.So far, the software for investigating authorities was only able to download data using iCloud Apple ID. In the new version this is possible even without Apple ID, if the access is to a computer using USB and activated iCloud . In this case, the attacker can through a security hole to access a so-called authentication token, which is used in OS X and Windows, to identify themselves in relation to the iCloud servers. using the token all stored in iCloud data can be called, even if they are not set up on that computer. Invalid the token is only after a certain period of time. When the user logs off in the system settings of iCloud, tokens will still be deleted, but not invalidated. So unless attacker can recover deleted data, access to the iCloud is still possible.

Only the change in the iCloud password makes token unusable with immediate effect and can thus this attack come to nothing. In order to achieve a significant improvement in safety, Apple is required. For example, token could already be invalidated on logout. In addition, the time required for the course could be reduced. Most important would be the measure to better protect against unauthorized access token.


on Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our test shows: As good as the series has never been! Wolfenstein: The New Order plays like a classic shooter without being frumpy.

It's a pretty good year, this 1960 The famous Liverpudlian mop-tops occur the first time under the name The Beatles, and lay the foundation for an unparalleled career, John F. Kennedy is American president and Croatia (then part of Yugoslavia) moults peu à peu a popular holiday destination. In the world of first-person shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order The Beatles called "The Beetle," and they sing from the blue submarine, the USA there's no more, and in Croatia knock prisoners stones or can be by the prison doctor torturing to death. The skull regime has won the war and established as an ulcer over the globe.Oppression, fear and horror determine existence. Karl & Karla sing along with the top hit "Brave little darling '. Thank God the world by William BJ Blazkowicz a fictional. Yet clearly fictional way, as for example the famous alternative world history 'fatherland' by Robert Harris, in which Germany wins World War II. Even if the skull regime in Wolfenstein: The New Order Of course, supposed to be a Nazi dictatorship, it is still quite far from a possible reality. In Captain Blazkowicz 'history, the Allies are losing the war against gigantic tamping machines and robot dogs that are not commanded by Hitler but by General skull. 
Steam obligation
Wolfenstein: The New Order must be tied to a Steam account. Then you must install the game on as many computers. A resale is then no longer possible.

No multiplayer
Wolfenstein: The New Order is a pure single-player game. At a multiplayer mode, the developers have omitted.

No swastikas on Steam
in the German and the Austrian version of the game missing swastikas and other anti-constitutional symbols. If for some reason do not want to do without it and relies on an import version, which looks into the tube. The publisher Bethesda has The New Order namely on top of that given a region lock, imported games on a local Steam not simple. And without Steam as it gets. Why Bethesda has however taken into custody in Austria arrangements, we are not entirely clear, swastikas and SS runes are there any prohibition. So be it, we can assure that the missing symbols mean nothing to dampen the fun. Unfortunately, so is also the outstanding good English soundtrack flutes, probably the skull types in the original report again and again with Hitler salute like. As a consolation: The German soundtrack is also outstanding good.Especially when you hear them. What is unfortunately not always the case. In moments when the game turns up really, what is said of explosions, airplane propellers, or banging music is superimposed. Not as strong as the console versions, but yet so strong that we advise to subtitles.

Failure and surrender

1 960 So. The story of BJ starts much earlier. 14 years earlier during the final desperate storm of Americans to the headquarters of General skull, to be exact. Hach, the logic of video games is sometimes so refreshingly simple that we wished they would also apply for real life: Kill the evil ruler, and everything will be fine.Blazkowicz and comrades fail miserably in 1946, unfortunately, survived skull, nothing is good.
BJ catches himself a head injury one, he moves into a mental hospital, he languishes in the coming years in a vegetative state blissfully ignorant to himself. So he does not have to witness how the U.S. to capitulate after a nuclear attack, London is optically transformed into Berlin 2 and music combos like Karl & Karla ... oh, better not think about it. Only a nasty shock moment brings Blazkowicz back. Hardly back among the thinkers he grabs even a gun to finish what he started 14 years ago.
Wolfenstein: The New Order: In London BJ must steal three helicopters.  They are however well guarded.  Among other robots.In London BJ must steal three helicopters. They are however well guarded. Among other robots.


When BJ peels out of his wheelchair in the mental hospital, the worst is already behind us. The first approximately 20 to 30 minutes of Wolfenstein: The New Order fall under "uninspired tube shooter with blunt grouse deposits." If the hero has, however, fought from the trenches into skull castle, starts a great, surprising adventure that does not get bored or tired once. Well-placed tempo changes, the ability to sneak an extensive arsenal of weapons, sophisticated gunplay, lots of hidden goodies and varied locales keep the fun factor consistently unexpectedly high.
Yes, unexpectedly. While we already knew that The New Order would turn up after a parlous beginning, but that it remains constant as well, so we did not expect. And the fact that you can play through it without too much effort in one go, either. It is not the way done with five or six hours. At ten to twelve you should already prepare, if you will not miss too much of what the developers have built off the direct routes to each destination. A little tip in this context: If BJ the first time enters the headquarters, then you should send him urgently to bed. But really very urgent!
Wolfenstein: The New Order - Reinforced Dog Edition
The Collector's Edition Wolfenstein: The New Order is called "Panzer Dog Edition" - and does not play. Instead, are located in the package only merchandise, including an artbook, postcards, patches, an anti-tank dog statuette and a Steelbook for the game, which must however be purchased separately. The tanks Dog Edition is limited to 5000 copies. What is all included in the package, the gallery shows below. The Collector's Edition is available only in the Bethesda store and costs about 75 euros. »raffle: Tanks Dog Edition to win!

Panda 4.0: Google screwed back on the algorithm

on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Google has begun the rollout of Panda 4.0. It is still unclear how the revised algorithm will affect the search results.

Panda 4.0: Matt Cutts confirms new update

Google's guru Matt Cutts Webspam announced on Twitter that a new update of the search algorithm is traveling with Panda 4.0. Due to the official designation as Panda 4.0, we can expect a comprehensive update. Details of these impacts are currently not yet known.
According to Cutts, Google has begun with the delivery of the update. It is therefore to assume that initially the American home market is affected. It is therefore likely to take some time to Panda 4.0 also takes influence on the German search results.In general, a several days running, successive rollout is not uncommon for such updates of the search algorithm. So too abrupt changes of the search results are to be avoided.

Google: Next Panda 4.0 also Payday Loan is 2.0

The Panda algorithm is used primarily to favor quality content. Panda was introduced in 2011 and was concerned at that time about 11 percent of the U.S. search results. According to reports from Search Engine Land is Panda 4.0  affect about 7.5 percent of English-language search results. If you want to dig deeper into Google's algorithms, we recommend the article " Penguin, Panda & Co. - A journey through the Google zoo ".
Besides Panda 4.0 Matt Cutts has confirmed a updates of the so-called Payday Loan algorithm. This algorithm aims at particularly spam-heavy queries. The rollout of Payday Loan 2.0 began, according to Matt Cutts at the weekend.
Updated on May 21, 2014 by 14 clock:
Sistrix could already notice the first changes in the SERPs. The company has in a blog post  published each a list of winners and losers of the two updates. Here, as Sistrix, mainly include domains with longer, editorial copy to the winners of the updates. This is mainly to pages that still had clearly lost the first Panda update to visibility. The losers include some large sites like eBay.de or Idealo.

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A1-830 in the test

on Monday, May 19, 2014

Really good tablet for under 200 euros are still a rarity. This reveals a number of manufacturers and try to do just that suitable products to bring to market. So even Acer, because with the Iconia A1-830, the manufacturer has introduced a mere 169 euros expensive 7.9 "tablet that will shine with a good build quality, a good screen and a solid performance. Whether the entry-level tablet has also convinced us, you learn in our Iconia Tab A1-830 test .
Test Device: Acer Iconia Tab A1-830 - price from about € 169 at Amazon
Software: Android 4.2.2 with customized UI


Externally reminds the A1 without doubt significantly to the iPad Mini from Apple. This begins with the choice of material, because the back is like the much more expensive Apple tablet pretty good fabricated aluminum. In direct comparison with the small iPad but it is also clear that the Acer device here by far can not keep up: Small gaps and generally less precision in the processing are obvious here that you can for the price but do not expect otherwise. Nevertheless, the back, in which also the company logo and a logo for Intel Inside are stamped feels definitely better at than plastic and is a plus point for the Iconia. In addition, the rear nor the antenna module, the camera and continue down the rather poor speakers to be found. Although he is relatively loud, but even at medium volume it starts to rattle strong and sounds tinny.
Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 back on bench 640x426 Review: Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 in the test
On the front is located above the display, the front camera and the display returns to the manufacturer's logo. Unfortunately there is no message LED, which I think is a pity. Such a display for notifications is always very helpful in our eyes, but that is not absolutely necessary in a € 169 tablet.
On the top side of the device has the headphone output and the at that position somewhat unusual micro-USB port and a small microphone. You can usually find micro-USB ports even more on the device bottoms, chosen by Acer position but by far not a disadvantage. On the right side of the Tablets of the switch, Volume up / down rocker switch and an SD card slot has been installed. The buttons can all be quite good use, even if we were already testing some devices with better pressure points of controls.However, this is criticism at a high level. Anything other than criticism, in contrast, but the SD card slot.Such is always very useful and unfortunately in Tablets no default. So you can easily upgrade the factory 16GB memory in this case.
Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 640x426 Hand in Review: Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 in the test
Overall, we like the device, by design, well, even if it can not connect to the significance of his role model, the iPad Mini by far. The Iconia A1 is easy with 380 g, with only 8.0 mm thin amazing (Height: 203.0 mm Width: 138.0 mm) and is also really good in the hand.


Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 display 640x426 Review: Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 in the test
Very important in a tablet is of course the display. In this case, this is a 7.9 "IPS display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels in 4:3 format. This results in a pixel density of 163 pixels per inch. Who happen this data now, who thinks most likely to - right - the first generation iPad Mini. So here some parallels become clear again. However, both displays have in common is that the pixel density is not very high and therefore the presentation of content is rather pixelated. Photos or videos you can also order still pleasant to heart, with smaller texts, such as on websites, but this can quite disturbing. For an entry-level tablet that's still okay.
Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 low pixel density 640x426 Review: Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 in the test
Apart from that, the display of the A1-830 very good viewing angles and is very bright, even if you will have problems when reading in sunlight. We are also noticed in the test that the display has a relatively strong yellow tinge, it may be natural but that this was only the case with this unit. In addition, a single pixel error in our test device to recognize of course that is to say negative, and a real coating appears to have been part of Acer not applied to the screen. It feels slightly "rough" and attracts fingerprints. And to also get rid of one last point of criticism, we noticed some small difficulties in the response of the capacitive touch screen. So we had now and then a little more press on the screen than usual, to perform an action. For the very low price of the tablet but the display is definitely in order. If one is accustomed to better, but so will a notice some disturbing factors to the panel.


In terms of performance the Acer Iconia A1-830 has really surprised us. Thanks to the dual-core Intel Atom processor, clocked at 1.6 GHz, the tablet runs very smoothly and accomplished everyday tasks such as Twitter, Facebook, or surfing pretty good. On the Web, partially small stuttering and load times can occur, but overall the performance is really satisfactory. 1GB RAM, the device, however, this is sometimes a bit too little. Thus, there are occasionally slight problems in multitasking, but the fall only rarely. Games like "Asphalt 8" run on this tablet, but you should not expect to be able to play graphics-intensive games such always backless one. For this, go small games such as "Mr. Flap "of course without any problems. All in all you get with the Acer tablet, a liquid operation of the UI and it can also expose some intensive tasks.
Some benchmark results compared to similar cheap tablets can be found in the following table:
Acer Iconia Tab A1-830Asus FonePad 7 (ME175CG)Nexus 7 2013Asus Fonepad 7 (ME371MG)ASUS MeMo Pad HD 7
Antutu Benchmark:17341144731889754931278218528
Quadrant Standard Benchmark:624365875733218938645736
SunSpider:1203.2 ms1604.7 ms849.8 ms1267.6 ms1492.1 ms1050.0 ms


Another positive aspect of the Icona A1 is the battery life. Thanks to the 4,000 mAh battery, the device can withstand under normal use two days without charge with almost no problems, and when something heavier use one days should also be possible without further notice. Particularly impressive aspect was the stand-by time, because you could leave the tablet for several days and still there were only a few percentage points less battery than before. For continuous video playback, Wi-Fi switched on and full screen brightness the A1 creates good seven hours - better than many high-end tablet.


Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 camera 640x426 Review: Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 in the test
As mentioned earlier, the tablet has both front and rear camera. The front camera is sufficient for Skype or short snapshots, otherwise provides the triggering with 5MP rear camera is also pretty decent results.Here, the camera interface is also quite easy to use and simple. Nevertheless, there are cameras in an entry-level tablet and here it is better to expect little. Because really great photos so you will barely shoot.


Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 640x426 Review: Acer Iconia Tab A1 830 in the test
The nearly most important part of a good tablet user experience is the software. Unfortunately, the A1 comes with Android 4.2.2 only Jelly Bean, which is a slightly older version of the Google system. This is a shame and I hope at this point to a future KitKat update, just because KitKat is designed for devices like the Iconia A1-830 with slightly lower specifications. Positive but the speed is noticed in any event that brings the system itself and especially that part of Acer not a great skin was placed over Android. The design looks mostly like stock Android and the like very much. In large additional features, the manufacturer has also waived, but some additional apps like your own file manager, a complete weather app or a photo app were integrated. These apps can use it if you want, or uninstall it easily. However, the software makes a good impression is easy to use and close to pure Android - at this point so a thumbs up! Nevertheless, a KitKat update would of course be great.


Acer Iconia A1-830
Price: € 169The Acer Iconia A1-830 convinces by its price, for the good workmanship and a total solid user experience is offered.
Benefits- Price
- processing and design
- battery life
- SD card slot
Disadvantages- low display resolution
- Speakers
The Acer Iconia A1-830 is definitely worth a look if you are looking for a cheap tablet the 8 "class. The appearance along with the more than satisfactory processing, the SD card slot and the liquid software that is close to stock Android also are definitely pluses. Must be recalled also the bad speaker and the display, which unfortunately could not convince one hundred percent in our tests. Can you live with these criticisms, but you get quite a lot of tablet for a surprisingly low price offered - including a great battery life.In the League of cheap 8 "tablet, the Iconia A1-830 may count on definitely one of the better alternatives.

Linux for novices 10 basic commands to use in terminal

on Friday, May 2, 2014

The terminal is very simple yet extremely powerful, allows you to interact with the operating system without a GUI Is it not wonderful?

Although Linux distributions are becoming more complete and functional its GUI (English graphical user interface ), the terminal has always been and will be there for you and not the opposite , as you may have thought. In fact, in some distributions is the first contact between the user and the system.
When you installed Linux for the first time imagine that you could manage your entire system from a single command line?. If you start using the terminal regularly not only lose their fear, but notice that it is a powerful tool to maintain and in some cases save your installation of these undesirable problems that occur right after a system upgrade, just to name one example.
Previously we told you about some basic commands , here are 10 more to keep you learning about the benefits of the terminal in Linux .


Cat (concatenate), is a wonderful utility that lets you view the contents of a text file without the need of an editor. To use it you should just mention it next to the file we want to see:
$ Cat test.txt


Ls (to list), can list the contents of a directory or file. The syntax is:
$ Ls / home / directory
The ls command has several options that allow you to organize the output, which is particularly useful when it is very large. For example, you can use -a to show hidden files and -l to show users, permissions and file date. As for all Linux commands, these options can be combined, ending in something like:
$ Ls-la / home / directory


Cd (to change directory or change directory), as its name indicates the command you will need to access a different route than you are. For example, if you are in the / home directory and want to access / home / exercises would be:
$ Cd / home / exercises
If you are in / home / exercises and want to go up one level (ie go to the directory / home), execute:
$ Cd ..


Touch creates an empty file if the file exists updates the modification time. Prueba1.txt To create the file / home, would:
$ Touch / home/prueba1.txt


Mkdir (to make directory or create directory), create a new directory, taking into account the current location. For example, if you are in / home and want to create the exercises directory would be:
$ Mkdir / home / exercises
Mkdir is a very useful option to create an entire directory tree that does not exist. For that we use the option -p :
$ Mkdir-p / home / exercise / test / one / two / three
Biappi Compfight via cc


Cp (for copy or copy), copy a file or directory source to a destination file or directory. For example, to copy the test.txt file located in / home directory to a backup, you can use:
$ Cp / home / test.txt / home / backup / test.txt
In syntax always first specifies the source and then the destination. If you indicate a name different destination, cp copies the file or directory with the new name.
The command also has the option -r to copy not only the specified directory but all internal directories recursively. Assuming we want to make a copy of the directory / home / exercises which in turn has the exercise1 and Exercise 2 folders inside it, instead of running a command for each folder, execute:
$ Cp-r / home / exercise / home / backups /


Mv (to move or move), move a file to a specific path, and unlike cp , deletes it from the source after the operation. For example:
$ Mv / home / test.txt / home/respaldos/prueba2.txt
Like cp , in the first syntax specifies the source and then the destination. If you indicate a name different destination, mv will move the file or directory with the new name.


Rm (to remove or remove), it is necessary to delete a file or directory command. To delete the test.txt file located in / home, run:
$ Rm / home / test.txt
This command has several options. The option -r deletes all files and directories recursively. Moreover, -ferases all without prompting. These options can be combined without causing a recursive directory confirmation specifying deletion. To do this in the backup directory located in / home, use:
$ Rm-fr / home / backups
This command is very dangerous, so it is important that we document us well about the effects of these options in our system to avoid dire consequences.


Pwd (to print working directory or print working directory) command is a convenient route or print our location at run time, and avoid getting lost if we are working with multiple directories and folders. His serious syntax:
$ Pwd


Clear (to clean), is a simple terminal command to clean our completely leaving it as just opened. To do this run:
$ Clear
As a bonus they recommend using man that a complete documentation of all commands shown. Toclear , for example:
$ Man clear
And what do you know other basic commands?

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