How to resolve error 800c0133 in Outlook Express

on Sunday, November 25, 2012

Among a myriad of alternatives, there are those who still prefer to use and manage their e-mail using Microsoft Outlook Express. Although over the years it has been a gradual improvement, it seems that a well-known error accompany users since its inception, the error number  800c0133 . To all of you at least once in your life, you've probably had to deal with this famous error that occurs every qual'volta you decide to download the inbox. Before proceeding with the guide bena know why after a while this error is to visit us.

Outlook Express error 800c0133

Very often, the problem is caused by the corruption of a file so that arrivo.dbx, which is nothing on file that manages the database of incoming mail in Outlook.  Unlike file . pst , files . dbx have a maximum capacity equal to 2GB then they stop doing their job, then it could be another cause for which Outlook Express returns that error.

Outlook Express error 800c0133 - Guide to Creating a new database

The only way working to resolve the error  800c0133 , is to create a new database within which we're going to copy and store the old post office.
  • Open the Outlook Express program and move within Outlook Data File ;
  • Click the New Folder entry and assign it the following name: Archive ;
  • Once the folder is created, we are ready to make the transfer of all files within the folder mail arriving in the newly created folder;
  • Well, now to prevent Outlook hangs, you have to gradually move your messages in the Archive folder, to do this, simply select a small amount of messages and using the right mouse click on the item Move to Folder ... ;
  • When finished, your Outlook should return to work as better than ever.
  • Outlook Express error 800c0133 - Automatically create a new database

    If you have carried out to the letter all the steps listed above and you still have the same problem, it means that the file arrivo.dbx is corrupt and the only way to get it back to work is to delete it. In this way, once you delete the file, Outlook will automatically create a new database file.
    •  Close Outlook Express and go into the following path:
    C: Documents and SettingsTUO_UTENTEImpostazioni localiDati applicazioniIdentities
    • Inside the carella we will find one with a name like this:
    • Open the folder and go inside the folder Microsoft -> Outlook;
    • At this point, you have to delete all files that have a size greater than 2Gb, usually the only file is arrivo.dbx ;
    • Now all chiudette and open Outlook Express again.
    That's it, as if by magic your program will return safely to download your inbox.

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