How to install free apps on iOS without Jailbreak

on Thursday, January 3, 2013

As you know, a few days ago Hacklous the well-known site that offered free cracked apps for iOS has been closed and with it its repo that allowed just install the app to get the application for free in the app called Installous and synchronization app called AppSync. Definitely a big blow for all those who loved illegally download any app for your Jailbroken device.Today, however, I will show you a very useful method to download for free any kind of paid app for iOS on any device without Jailbrake

How to install free apps on iOS without Jailbreak

In order to download and install any app on iOS, we need a very useful program called PP25 , currently only available in Chinese language. This once installed, offers a multitude of applications taken directly from the App Store with the only difference that can be installed on any device in a totally free.
The guide is quick and easy, therefore, do not require special knowledge so anyone wanting to, you can download and install free applications in your Device. Started!
Material Needed:
  • A PC with Windows at the moment is not available for Mac;
  • Install   iTunes updated to the latest version, here for download;
  • The client PP25 that you can find for free here ;
  • Devices with or  without Jailbreak  ( iOS 5, iOS 6, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 5G, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS ).
  • First, we must make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes;

  • Now we download and install the program PP25 previously downloaded;
  • We initiate the program and let's move on to the second line in the right column (see picture);

  • Now connect your device to your computer and wait for the program to recognize the connected device;
  • At this point we need to click on the blue button located in the upper right corner to allow the app to sync with our device (see image);

We expect the client recognizes the device;

Well, we can now proceed to download free applications. Let's move back into the second card and using the search bar located at the top right looking for the app you want to install, in our case we chose Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories;

Once the application sought, through the help of the mouse move on to it and cliccliamo the first button to start the download heavenly;

Once started, the download will be shifted to the first line in the second panel (see picture).From here you can manage your downloads;

Once finished downloading, to install, we have to move in the line below and click on the blue button located next to the application;

  • We are still waiting a few minutes and voila! As if by magic, the application will appear on our springboard!
[NOTE] When opening the program, it is highly recommended that you close iTunes. In addition, whenever you are going to synchronize your device with iTunes to be very careful otherwise you may cause removal of the app from your device.
Definitely a good alternative to the now old Installous because unlike the latter, in fact PP25 allows applications to install it for free even on devices that is currently not possible to make the operation of Jailbreak or for fear of losing the warranty flaunt from this operation. In addition, I recommend everyone to "take advantage" of this app because at the moment appears to be fully functional but a future Apple might take serious steps leading to the closure.

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