How to remove ads from Facebook

on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One of the reasons why Facebook can provide totally free to all the services it offers to its many users, it is no doubt that there are many publicity. Thanks to the sponsors that you can not help but notice on the inside, in fact, the administrators of the most popular social network in the world can do without the need for a registration fee, or a fee to participate in the site (the rest , all the web works well). 
spite of the awareness of this, however, most of us would like to find a way to remove ads from Facebook and use so much more smoothly the social network. 
If you, of course, are among those that clasp gladly pacts with the devil just to be able to remove ads from Facebook , read this post: we will, in fact, to give you some practical and valuable advice!

A simple and immediate way to eliminate the advertising from Facebook

What we are going to describe in this post applies to all users who have installed (and use) Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for connections from your PC. 
Having installed two scripts that allow you to move forward in the procedure that follows (Greasemonkey for Google Tampermonkey Chrome and Mozilla Firefox), try to remove ads from Facebook  by clicking on the highlighted words in this sentence and downloading the application you will find. 
A rapid and simple procedure will not allow you perhaps to block all those annoying spots from which you so annoyed (and remove ads from Facebook permanently), but it will help to greatly reduce the problem. Unfortunately, there disappoint telling you a simple script can cancel totally the presence of ads within the social network, but you can stop being obsessed with those that appear in the vertical bar to the right of the homepage. And trust us, if you do not endure is not cheap!

Which operating systems support the scripts needed to eliminate advertising from Facebook?

According tested by programmers who designed them, the scripts that we have described to remove ads from Facebook are supported by computers running Windows XP and above, Mac OSX 10.7 and Ubuntu 12.04. To you, of course, the choice of groped or less fortunate disposing of personal computers uprights anything other than what just specified.
Then try to remove ads from Facebook with the system that we have described in this article and let us know how you are!

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