How to remove unnecessary system app from Android without root permissions

on Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If you have an Android smartphone or an Android tablet, you may have noticed that since the purchase inside there are certain app called "bloatware". The term "bloatware", we want to indicate all the software and applications that various manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola) have found it necessary to introduce natively within the operating system but, more often, however, these applications are in version Free as useful to publicize the various developers and make them even earn a few Euros. But are they really needed such app? In my opinion, definitely not, because I do not think it's fair that producers should choose for us users what applications to use, and consequently removes valuable space on our phone memory thus causing considerable even slow your system in general. A first solution is to make the root of your device and through certain software to remove all the app that you deem unnecessary but as I said before, this procedure compromises the security of any device except the Nexus range. Your guide to today however, is focused on the removal of unnecessary system app without necessarily having rootare your device .

How to remove unnecessary system app from Android without root permissions

The procedure although simple and straightforward, requires a minimum of knowledge what we're going to change some parameters in the firmware so I advise you to proceed with caution before deleting the app and make sure that they do not adversely affect the operation of 'whole system.
Material Needed:
  • script that you can find here ;
  • Notepad + + free download here ;
  • A program manager archives as  WinRar or 7-zip ;
  • A little patience.
  • Download and copy the file to your computer  in a folder at your leisure;
  • Open the file with WinRar or 7-zip;
  • You must enter the following path:
  • META-INF -> com -> google -> Android
    At this point, you have to extract it into a folder the file updater-script . WARNING exclusively that file, do not touch other files.

    Now open the file you just extracted through the program Notepad + +:
    Well, now before you have all the program which will be removed to the execution of this scriptIf you want, you can modify the script to fit your needs so you decide what to remove and what to leave.

  • Once you have finished editing, replace the files in the archive obviously within the original folder;
  • Now copy the modified script within your SD and reboot the device in recovery mode;
  • Select "Apply zip from SD Card" and select the file ;
  • Wait for the end of the execution, and restart your device.
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