How to speed Planetside 2

on Monday, January 21, 2013

After the extraordinary and well-known edition of 2003, Sony Online Entertainment relaunched on the market the second version of Planetside , online gaming, issued on November 20 and ready to take on full all fans of MMOFPS and "shooter" on the web (read below to find out how to speed up Planetside 2 .) 
Despite a difficult start to the game not too immediate and a menu slightly complex, the latest edition of Planetside is very functional and very intuitive, with maps, descriptions of the forces in the field, tips on missions to accomplish, tactical management of the territory and the possibility to develop the best strategies and to better address the outbreak of war more interesting and dangerous. 
If you are so passionate MMOFPS and can not wait to try your hand in the extraordinary adventures of the new online game Sony, read what we have to say and find out how to speed up Planetside 2 and maximizing the potential of your game.

The advice to speed Planetside 2

As the very first thing, try to speed up Planetside 2 disabling the VSync . To do this in the best way, of course, log into the game, open graphics settings by clicking on the corresponding button and check OFF the option that refers to VSync. In all probability, from this moment on, you will notice an improvement in your performance and progress much faster in the game. 
done this, put into practice the following tips to speed Planetside 2 by changing the quality Render. During the various stages of the game more interesting and, in fact, a reduced quality Render would increase in an exceptional way your Frame per Second. 
Again, if you have  a PC too full of programs and applications installed, you should try to lighten or making a double Hard Disk partition, saving on the one hand the computer's operating system with all that concerns him, and other Planetside 2. This suggestion, of course, is more suitable for all those fans of the online game, spending a lot of their time to play, they want to speed up Planetside 2  at any cost (source: Windows 7

Here's how to speed quickly and easily Planetside 2

In conclusion, to speed Planetside 2 and greatly improve game performance, periodically check your drivers, we will update and / or install new ones. 
then use a cable connection, faster performance and close any download on your PC or applications in progress. In this way, no doubt, be able to speed up Planetside 2 quickly and without difficulty (source: Windows 7

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