How to Disable Parental on Dailymotion

on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dailymotion , according to its creator, it should reach to touch the figures of Youtube in no time. And given the increasingly large amount of videos that are uploaded you can not blame him. However, as is the case for other sites and also for pay-TV channels, there are filters designed to protect younger users from content not suitable for their age. But having already completed 18 years you might want to disable Parental Dailymotion . Here, then, the process by which to achieve the result!

Disable Parental Dailymotion: What is Parental

As is the case for television programs, and how you could already see in the Youtube, also Dailymotion sees the presence of a "Parental Controls".
This filter is applied to those videos which are not properly be suitable for persons under 18 years. 
This protection can be very useful if you have children or young kids can access the Internet and the website of the French company.
But if you are the only internet users in your family, or the same is formed only by adults, you may want to disable Parental Dailymotion . Below you will see how easy it is.

Disable Parental Dailymotion: the procedure

To disable Parental Dailymotion need, first, go to your profile.
Next, click on the " Filter ON "at the bottom of this page. At this point you will need to select the option "I have more than 18 years - Family Protection Filter set to OFF . " This simple gesture will allow you to Disable filter family Dailymotion and of no longer having to repeat, from time to time, the choice.
However, always check that your browser accepts cookies so you can store your choice on the deactivation.

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