How to add Facebook chat app Posts in Mac OS X

on Thursday, April 25, 2013

Both the application and Facebook app itself that the Facebook dedicated Messenger allow you to chat with friends from Facebook from your smartphone, giving two very simple ways to keep in touch with them. When it comes to OS X, however, despite the integration of Facebook in Mountain Lion, no function of chat exists in the native operating system itself that allows to communicate with their Facebook friends.
If you want to integrate the chat Facebook in OS X without having to resort to third-party app, just ask Messages app in OS X which is more than capable of acting as a client chat for Facebook. Here's how you can set the application to send and receive instant messages on Facebook.
To add your own messages in the app Facebook account, you must provide credentials in the form of Facebook user name followed If you do not know what is your user name, just visit the Facebook personal profile in the browser and check the URL bar. Now, be sure to copy everything appears exactly after / including any dots (if any), and you are ready to proceed.
Then, open posts on your Mac, go to the tab 'Account' in his preferences and add a new Jabber account. Under 'Account Name', add the Facebook username deducted just before, followed by '@' (without the quotes). Enter the password of your Facebook account in the relevant field, click 'Done', and you really did it!
Open Messages and wait until its status will change to Jabber 'Available'. In the 'To' field, start typing the name of a friend and be shown a list of friends from Facebook, including search as you type. Messages will also show the status of these online friends. The conversations will be saved sent and received messages from, but you can still access it on Facebook, as well.For those conversations that you prefer not to keep a record, you can delete the history of Messages in OS X Mountain Lion.
For those who have not upgraded to Lion Mountain, this trick works in the app iChat as well, since this also can also connect to Jabber. If you have upgraded to Mountain Lion, but without connecting to your Facebook account, you need not worry because this method through the Messages app works independently from it.
Facebook can detect when you are using another chat client, and its web alerts, that is, those annoying sounds that they always think of a sudden discharge of the battery will be automatically disabled. You can send messages to friends both online and offline, but messages will not be able to simulate the 'views' that indicates that a message has been read. If you used a separate chat client for the Facebook chat, this method can be a good alternative.

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