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on Thursday, May 9, 2013

Despite being out of fashion due to the arrival of a number of alternative methods, to date a large number of users still using the old "mule" to download music, movies, games, documentaries on your computer as easy to find, and as they say, on the old mule is therefore also of all the rarest things you can find them with Emule. Because of its slow though, many users have left it entirely as well as some blogs also support leaving a dry mouth all users of the older Emule.
So in that regard, today I decided to cut out a small space for this wonder program peer-to-peer and mostarvi as update server emule 2013 . If you remember, in order to operate Emule needs a constant updating of their servers so it is very important to update it at least once a month in order to optimize the look of your files and download safely.
So now I will show you the best list to update server Emule 2013 .

Update server Emule 2013

To update server Emule 2013 , do not need to do is select all the servers located within Emule and eliminate them completely and then you can proceed with the manual entry of the server or use the list to update automatically when you insert the address of the server in of the text box Update server.met from URL .

Here's the best list of servers running and safe for eMule updated in May 2013:
  • eDonkey Server No2  - IP: - Port: 4242 (still the best emule server for number of sources, files and connected users, but  the search has been disabled )
  • Peerates.net  - IP: - Port: 7111;
  • BINVERSE.BIZ  - IP: - Port: 9939
  • PeerBooter  - IP: - Port: 7111;
  • Emule Security 2  - IP: - Port: 3883;
  • Emule Security 1  - IP: - Port: 1176;
  • UsenetNL.biz  - IP: 91225136126 - Port: 1887
  • TV Underground 1  -  IP: - Port: 4184.
Here, however, found Lists Server to automatically update eMule 2013 (updated in May 2013):
  • http://www.server-met.de/dl.php?load=gz&trace=36820776.3056
  • http://peerates.net/servers.php
  • http://www.server-met.de/dl.php?load=gz &
  • http://www.gruk.org/server.met
And finally the list of Server running eMule updated May 2013 to eMule:
  • Quakenet - IP: port: 2002
  • Quakenet 2 - IP: port: 2002
  • Fastwebspeed - IP: port: 2002
  • http://update.adunanza.net/servers.met
That's it! In this way you can rest assured that your old "mule" to return to work great and be able to easily find all the files on the network and download them in one click! Of course, be careful especially in front of your children as often turns on Emule material at red lights.
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